Risk management in the company was created with the aim of loss control and prevention from force-major cases, which can raise by the market or a trader.

The main aspects of our risk management system are:

  • A leverage limit for every manager, which reduces risk of huge loss during short period of time;
  • A loss limit for each manager and strategy in the whole. Once the conditions are reached trading will be stopped in any case;
  • Position control and adjustment of trading by the risk management department of the company.

Risk-managers of the company see all trades in real-time and can stop, hold or adjust trading of a manager if any violation of a trading strategy or risk management is spotted.

The Maximum approximate Loss Levels for each strategy are:

Investors with larger than average trading accounts have access to all risk management settings of the portfolio. They can utilize it for the whole portfolio or each individual trader. Those settings can be changed anytime upon investor’s request.