per lot
Less than 100 000 USD2,4%20%8 USD
100 000 USD to 500 000 USD1,8%15%6 USD
More than 500 000 USD 1,2%12%5 USD

Fee structure consist of the following components:

Is a fixed and unconditional fee, which is calculated as the percentage of deposit. Paid each month as 1/12 of the value in the table above. (Yearly value is shown in the table)

Is a conditional payment, which depends on the realized profit on the account. This fee is paid either on monthly basis or upon the investor leaving the program. In the case where there is no profit in the investor account by the time of payment then no fee is charged.

The fee is calculated as the percentage of profit during the trading period and is paid by the end of trading period or on investor leaving the program.

Is an unconditional payment, which is calculated in USD per lot. This fee is paid at the open of the trade.

You can request individual decrease of fees and minimum deposit requirements in the following cases:

  • You are a client of the company for a long time
  • You are a partner of the company
  • You collaborate with the company in some other way