Performance Fee Reduction

The company informs about changes in the terms of investments:
– the performance fee is reduced for all levels of the money management investment offers. You can find new rates on the corresponding fees page.
– trading period is changed to 1 month.

Start of operations

The company notifies upon successful accomplishment of all required procedures. Funds management will start at Swissqoute on 12th of December, 2016.

Investment strategies are prepared

The company provides access to three investment strategies with different risk profiles and money management approaches. More information can be found in the “Strategies” section.

Account opened at Swissqoute

The company is happy to announce that account opening procedure at Swissqoute has been successfully accomplished. Investors can start operating with Swissqoute today. You can find more details in the “Trading partners” section and from our support team.

Affiliate program was introduced

The company introduces affiliate program to promote agents. You can receive from 3% to 8% of introduced investors profit and from 5% to 10% of introduced money managers profit.

Official website is launched

The company is delighted to meet you on the official website, which is currently available in two languages: English and Russian. Other versions of the website will be added afterwards.

Ice Markets Asset Manager Sarl was included into the FINMA registry

The company became a member of OAR-G and included into the FINMA registry –
The certificate of the membership can be found in the “Documents” section.